The Occupation of Obsession

WEll HEllo there everyone! And welcome back to holly of all trades!

Hi there! My name is Holly Tatem-Wyatt. Born in South Africa to a craft obsessed mother I have since crossed the ocean to live in the UK where my love of crafts and all things beautiful has grow into a full blown obsession. I like to say that obsession has become my occupation. I am constantly wanting to try new and exciting things wether it be a new craft or DIY project, trying a million different eyeshadows in the quest for the perfect smokey eye or a new fashion label ... I'm always on the hunt for ways to make the world a little brighter and a lot more fun!


On my social media I strive to be nothing but unapologetically me! I try to do this by reflecting what it is I am passionate about at that moment in my content, while making the videos and photos fun and friendly with a good injection of my bubbly personality. I aim to show people of all shapes and sizes that it's not how you look that makes you successful but it's trying your hardest. Sometimes on my channel things don't always go perfectly to plan but instead of cutting those mistakes out I like to emphasise that we are all human and we make mistakes and thats ok. We just pick ourselves up and move on. Wether it's a flopped cake, an outfit that looks terrible, using no filters and going makeup free on instagram stories or gluing myself to a piece of furniture (true story) I like to show the reality of being human alongside my carefully curated content. I hope that this will encourage people to express themselves and not be afraid to be creative. If we are all accepting and share joy and love then hopefully people will not be afraid to create and put themselves out there.