Ikea HACK! Gorgeous golden side tables

I love nothing more than a good old Ikea hack! So when I recently needed some new side tables I decided it was the perfect opportunity to whip out the gold spray paint and make something super special. If you want to check out how to make these super easy, ridiculously cheap and gorgeous side tables then check out my video!

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Retro Apple Logo Cookies

Well Hello There Everyone and welcome back to Holly of All Trades!!!

In Todays video I show you how to make these …

… Super awesome Retro apple logo cookies! Check out my video to see how it’s done!




I dream of West Elm!!!

Well hello there everyone! And Welcome back to Holly of All Trades!

This morning I was sitting in my favourite room in my house … my dining room, and it got me thinking about (of all the things) my Aunty Daisy! When I was little I used to visit my Aunty daisy who had the most beautiful, magazine cover worthy house. The pièce de résistance of the house was the gorgeous formal dining room!

It had a table so glossy you could see your reflection in it and perfectly fitted monogramed chair covers and ALWAYS had a huge bowl overflowing with freshly cut roses in the centre of the table. This room was serious grown up goals! It wasn’t necessarily the aesthetic of the room but more the idea of this one room in the house that was especially for entertaining and having fancy grown up dinner parties that I was smitten with!

So when My lovely husband and I moved into our home a dining room was at the top of my list of must have rooms! I set straight to work planning my dream dining room and settled on a industrial feeling farmers kitchen vibe with lots of raw wood, copper, iron, bronze, gold and just a touch of marble for good measure. I set out sourcing the furniture of my dreams only to realise … fancy dining rooms are esspensive yo! Having just moved from a flat into a house our budget was stretched to the limit just purchasing the necessities; like a sofa, fridge etc, So my fancy dining room had to wait!

Slowly but surely though I’ve saved up money here and there and purchased and DIY’d items that I’m really happy with. My dream dining room still, however, has a long way to go! So when I recently found out that Westelm.co.uk  were holding a competition for Blogtacular attendees where I could win the stuff to finally finish my dream dining room I thought this is my chance and I jumped at the opportunity. With their enormous range of beautiful and unique furniture and home accessories to chose from I’ve ummmm’d and ahhh’d for weeks trying to decide what items I would choose for my dream dining room! But after major deliberation and a particularly hard narrowing down process (I wanted everything!!!!) I have come up with what I think is my dream dining room! Check out my vision boards below!

To start off with I would replace my really uncomfortable hand-me-down bistro chairs with some comfy mismatched (but still similar) tan leather chairs. Ideally 3 on each side of the table and 1 at each head of the table (I have a lot of friends! What can I say?)

Then I want plants plants plants plants plants! I want it to look like a bit of a jungle in there! And what better way to display your plants than in these gorgeous coppery gold plant stands!

I would then get rid of my old side table (which was actually a kitchen island in my old house) and replace it  with this gorgeous marble topped sideboard. I love that the dark wood and the brass handles and legs compliment the rest of the room beautifully.

I’d also add just a few marble bits and pieces to carry the marble theme through the room. Incidentally if you want to see how I made the wall art above the side table then click here to watch a video on how I turned my favourite book quotes into easy wall art!

I’d then add some cool little gold tone nic-naks to the windowsill so that it’s full of interesting little oddities, and I’d top off the windows with these really cool wood and brass curtain rods. I can’t decide on what curtains would look good. What do you think?

Of course no “grown up” dining room is complete without a stocked up bar cart! So I’d have to throw one of those in there too!

Last but certainly not least I would stock up my table with some awesome linen, glassware, crockery, cutlery, serve ware and centrepieces! Because this room is meant to be used! Like I said before, it wasn’t the room I was so in love with in my Aunt Daisy’s house, it was the idea behind the room. A beautiful yet fully functional space where family and friends can come together to share special memories and make more special memories. This room for me represents the love and happiness that comes from being surrounded by those people in your life that you can’t do without!

If you would like to check out any of the products I’ve used above then head on over to westelm.co.uk and check them out for yourself, along with countless more beautiful pieces! Happy home making!

Beauty and the beast frozen buttercream transfer

So … The new live action Beauty and the beast movie is being released next week and I think it’s safe to say I’m just a little bit excited!!! I mean Emma Watson and Beauty and the beast combined into one beautiful, rose petal strewn package? What more could a girls ask for? So in celebration of the movies release I decided to make a beauty and the beast themed cake! I have always had a thing for stained glass windows and so I thought what better time than to do a stained glass frozen buttercream transfer than now! So if you want to see how I made this beautiful cake then head on over to my youtube channel for the full details!

I made a four layer 18cm cake using Mary Berry’s perfect victoria sponge recipe. and I iced the cakes using my favourite buttercream recipe which is the Hummingbird bakery vanilla frosting.

Stained glass rose template