Putting Easy Watercolour Techniques to the Test

So I have taken up painting with watercolours and I am in love! Although I have always enjoyed painting I have never really painted with watercolours before aside from dabbling with cheap kids watercolours when I was much much younger. My favourite medium has always been oils. With oils they take days or even weeks to dry so I always felt confident that if i made a mistake it was always fixable. It was a slow process in which nothing was permanent straight away. For that reason the almost instant permanence of watercolours has always freaked me out. I will never forget a friend of mine deciding to use watercolours for his final art project at school and feeling like, “Woah, thats a bold move!” while I painted with my much more forgiving oils. HE painted a beautiful golfing scene and I always remember being super impressed with how he just painted with no restraint.

Fast forward ten years and I’m sitting on my sofa watching Makoccino’s¬†art journal Thursday videos o youtube. A series of videos encouraging the every day person to create art just for the sake of it, because they love it. Her brush strokes where so beautiful and so confident I felt a compulsion to paint … with WATERCOLOURS!!!! This has never happened before! So I hopped straight onto amazon, bought myself some watercolours and some paper and got straight to work, and to my surprise I didn’t’t suck! I had so much fun I thought I would keep going, practicing techniques I picked up here and there (let’s get real, mostly from Mako’s youtube channel) I swirled, swished and blotted, dabbed and flooded, gaining more confidence with every picture I did. I am still very much a beginner but I thought that I would share what I have learnt with you in some practical ways that you can use to customise any of your own paintings. Moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to try! Check out the video below to see how I made all these paintings.


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Ikea HACK! Gorgeous golden side tables

I love nothing more than a good old Ikea hack! So when I recently needed some new side tables I decided it was the perfect opportunity to whip out the gold spray paint and make something super special. If you want to check out how to make these super easy, ridiculously cheap and gorgeous side tables then check out my video!

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A DIY christmas extravaganza!

Well hello there everyone and welcome back to Holly of all trades!!


It’s DECEMBER!!!! Hooray! My favourite time of the year! Christmas is a great time of year to express your creativity in so many ways. In Todays day and age people do not get excited at the prospect of a handmade gift and I think thats so stinking sad! Long gone are they days when a handmade gift means a frumpy pair of knobbly socks or a macaroni necklace. There are some incredible gift ideas that you can make yourself that will wow your loved ones this year! So if you want some funky ideas then check out my video below!


DIY Embellished sunglasses

DIY personalised clutch

DIY personalised clutch


DIY glittery jars


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