Hi there and welcome to my blog! Here’s your chance to get to know me a bit and if you like what you see why not head on over to my youtube channel?

My name is Holly. I live in Nottingham in the united kingdom but I grew up under the bright blue skies of South Africa (Cue Johnny Cleggs “I’m Searching for the spirit of the Great Heart” which will now be stuck in your head all day! You’re welcome!)

I have a fairly obsessive personality. This is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse! When I find a new craft, beauty product, TV programme etc I go for it full steam ahead! If I discover a new type of lipsticks I love I MUST own every colour. If I discover a new craft I MUST make things for everyone I know obsessively for months and months. When I discover a new recipe that I like but it needs perfecting it’s all my husband and I eat for a week! You get the picture. I love doing stuff, lots and lots of random stuff! I will try anything crafty at least once. I nearly wrote I would try anything once but then I thought … ooh no not sky diving, or swimming with sharks, or the boxing day sales and the list got too long so I decided that wasn’t the right phrase.

As I’m lucky enough to be a house wife you could say my occupation is obsession. I move from one thing to the next hoping that by the time I’ve lived a long and happy life I will have tried and perfected a loads of exciting and fun things! We therefore come to the reason for this blog. I want to share all the wonderful craft, cooking, beauty, travel and everything else tips that I pick up as I stumble through life with YOU … yes you! I hope that we can learn together about all sorts of weird and wonderful things!

My aim for this blog is that I want people to laugh and feel entertained. I want people to feel relaxed, safe, laid back, conversational and to learn. I don’t mean learn in the “I’m going to teach you something because I know more than you so shut up and listen to me” way, but in the “ooh look at this awesome thing I’ve just discovered, lets check this out together and learn new stuff” kinda way. Mostly I just want to have fun and for you to have fun with me!

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